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Spring League

We are excited to reintroduce Men's League Hockey to the Greater Howell area!!

Spring season will be our kick off and we can't wait!  As we start off, we are expecting a smaller group to be able to create a minimum of 4 teams.  More are ALWAYS welcome. 

If you have a team; a team manager or coach, can register the team, but players will need to register and pay online individually.  The cost is only $135 per player and includes, score keeper/clock, ref. fees, schedules and updated league information on the sports engine app. and our website.

This will be 18+, non-checking.  The plan is to play Saturday and Sunday nights beginning at 7:00 pm.  The evening your team will play on will rotate between Sundays and Saturdays.  We will NOT have games scheduled Memorial Day weekend.

There are rules set in place at this point to keep it fun  for everyone!  As the league grows in size, the format will most likely adapt with it, and we appreciate all input and will do our best to accommodate requests that will help better our over all league.

If you have specific questions, please contact Kelli Godek at the 140 Ice Den office, 517-579-2152.